Eggless Cake Singapore


Eggless Cake Singapore


Looking for a Special Cake for Your Loved Ones?

Nothing is better than surprising them with a delicious eggless or vegan cake!

Our Cake Types

Eggless/ Vegan

Looking for a healthier option for cakes? Why not try our eggless and dairy free cakes. These delicious cakes will fill you with surprise being eggless and milkless!

Gluten Free

A perfect combination of a healthy cake – eggless and gluten free cake. We also have options of both vegan and non-vegan for this gluten-free option. 

Join Our Movement

Dude’s Bakery is an eggless cake shop in Singapore committed to fighting climate change through bakery. We hope to do our little part in contributing positively to our Mother Earth. Therefore we only serve eggless and vegan cakes.

Many could not fathom the idea to bake a delicious cake without eggs. But we have made it possible at Dude’s Bakery. Today we are truly glad to see eggless and vegan cakes gaining more traction than 10 years ago. Many people are more conscious of factors contributing to climate change and doing their part to fight it.  As Mother Teresa once said “You can do no great things – only small things with great love.”

Join our movement and make that little difference when you celebrate a happy occasion for your loved ones with our eggless and vegan cakes. Also read more why we do eggless and vegan cakes.


What We Serve

Dude’s Bakery is an eggless cake shop in Singapore known for its healthy, delicious and moist eggless cakes. We have plenty of eggless cake varieties catering to different occasions. From basic eggless cake to colourful rainbow cake, these eggless and milkless cakes satisfy your sweet tooth. Freshly baked everyday, we hope to provide you the best eggless cake experience that you will want to come back again.




Eggless/ Vegan Chocolate Mud Cake

This moist eggless chocolate cake has the richness of chocolate on the inside with 4 options of frosting.

Eggless/ Vegan Rainbow Tall Cake

Who doesn’t like rainbow? A soft, tall rainbow cake is perfect for any occasion or celebration.

Eggless/ Vegan Simply Vanilla Cake

A basic vanilla bean cake bursting with the scent of vanilla. This moist eggless cake is simply vanilla!

Eggless/ Vegan Strawberry Vanilla Cake

A perfect blend of vanilla and strawberry. Pleasing to the eyes, savouring to your mouth.

Eggless/ Vegan Mango Brown Sugar Cake

If you love mango, you will love this mango cake. Indulge in natural sweetness of brown sugar. 

Eggless/ Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

The best seller of all time. It is eggless, vegan and gluten-free. 4 frosting options available. 

Eggless/ Vegan Turkish Delight Cake

A Rose eggless vegan cake. Perfect finish with pistachio nut frosting. Delightful and sweet.

"We bought this vegan gluten free chocolate cake. We never try any gluten free, egg free and dairy free cake before. And surprisingly after we tried it, it tastes really good!!! Didn’t expect that."

"My Mum is a vegetarian for many years. It is not easy to find delicious eggless cake. Love the lemon & blueberry cake. It is our favourite Birthday cake."

"Was looking to have something special and healthy for a little party. The eggless vegan. The gluten free rainbow cake was like a perfect match. Really surprised that it tasted so delicious"


Shop Online

For the convenience of our customers, we deliver our freshly baked cakes to their desired location. Just shop online and have us delivered to your home. 

Freshly Baked Everyday

Order and deliver straight to your home.

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+65 8133 5888

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