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About Us

Dude’s Bakery commits to bringing our customers the best cake experience through a movement we believe in – vegetarianism and veganism. When it comes to cakes, we also believe in quality ingredients.  Our cakes are freshly baked everyday so that we can deliver to you the freshness you deserve. This is as far as you can go “fresh from the oven”.

Our main focus is eggless and vegan cakes. We dedicate ourselves to serving a niche group of customers who enjoy a healthy piece of cake. You may indulge sinlessly in our healthy choices of cakes from eggless, vegan to gluten-free.

So why eggless and vegan cakes? Because egg production involves the exploitation of hens. You can read more about why the  vegan movement here. It is just better for your health, for the environment and for the animals.

If you are exploring to becoming a vegan, do visit our Go Vegan page.


Making a Difference

Believing in a movement. You can make a difference…

At Dude’s Bakery, we only serve eggless cakes. We see that climate change is real. We asked ourselves what can we do? We know that one of the contributing factors to climate change is the poultry industry. But who doesn’t like cakes? But are eggs a must-put ingredient for delicious cakes?

We think that eggless cakes can taste as good, or even better than cakes that contain eggs. We also take a step further, having our cakes to be milkless and diary-free; making them suitable for vegan. Our cakes are also without butter and condensed milk. They are moist, healthy and delicious. Have a divine taste of our eggless cakes today!

So make a little difference today with us. Choose to celebrate your occasions with eggless and vegan cakes. How else can you show and tell someone is special by getting him or her a special cake? Therefore if you are looking to surprise someone and make them feel special, surprise them with our eggless cake varieties. Let them and yourself play a little part to fight climate change. Be a part of this little movement we are creating. We thank you for your support.  

Only the Best Ingredients

At Dude’s, we believe quality comes first. And in order to bake the best eggless cake, quality ingredients are important. 

Yes, our cakes are slightly pricier than those eggless and vegan cakes in the market. This is because we use the best ingredients to bake our cakes.

So if you are looking for a quality cake that will not disappoint your loved ones, this is probably the best place to buy your cake from. 

Grandma’s Recipes & Hand-made

Passion is what drives us in baking cakes. And this passion was passed down since those days we saw grandma baked cakes. 

Sometimes we wonder why grandma’s cake always taste better than others. We guess it was the recipe. So we kept those recipes  with us all the years.

Or it could be the love through grandma’s hands as she baked those cakes that made the cakes just tasted better. In anyway, we believe our cakes just taste better because of the love we put in. 

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