Eggless Vegan Cake


We have a wide selection of Eggless Cakes. This is the right place to find healthy, delicious, fluffy egg free cakes in Singapore. Our eggless cakes are also without butter and milk, making them both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Our Eggless Vegan Cake


Looking to celebrate a special occasion? While many may just choose to buy from any ordinary cake shops, you have somehow managed to browse our site. So if you are thinking to make that person feel special, why not choose a special cake. A cake that is extraordinary because it is eggless and vegan – it does not contain eggs and diary but taste as delicious if not more delicious than some ordinary cakes. 

We think there could be just a reason to celebrate an occassion, but there could be many reasons why you would choose a particular cake. We think an eggless vegan cake is a special cake and giving someone a special cake could be a perfect reason. An eggless vegan cake is also a healthier choice and we hope you can be part of this movement to go eggless and vegan. 

We have a wide range of eggless vegan cakes. So go on, choose one and make that someone feel special…

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