Eggless Chocolate Cake


Our soft eggless cakes are also diary free without condensed milk. The mud cakes are our basic eggless chocolate cakes. Our best seller is the super moist eggless, vegan, gluten-free chocolate cream cake. 


Our Eggless Chocolate Cake


Looking for an eggless chocolate cake to celebrate an occasion? Why not try our mud cake or the gluten free chocolate cake. Our mud cake comes with 2 different designs; the classic decoration and the floral decoration. These mud cakes are moist and bursting with chocolate flavour. The chocolate filling is wrapped by chocolate ganache frosting and completes with decoration perfect for any occasion.

Or try our eggless gluten-free chocolate cake. Many customers come back again and again for this best-selling cake. Surprise yourself with the moist and abundant chocolate taste of this cake. Made available with chocolate ganache or fruit puree frosting options.

Chocolate is an all-time favourite for many people. In fact (dark) chocolate may be helpful for improving anxiety due to its stress-reducing antioxidants and ability to increase serotonin levels. Get a happy celebration with our eggless chocolate cakes.

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