Eggless Vanilla Cake


We have quite a selection of vanilla cakes. The Simply Vanilla is our basic eggless cake. These egg free vanilla cakes are without condensed milk and comes with various flavours. The Rainbow Tall Cake is an all-time favourite for celebrations.

Our Eggless Vanilla Cake


All our cakes are freshly baked with the best ingredients. Wondering why you should choose a vanilla cake? Well, vanilla is known to promote healthy digestion, ease respiratory conditions and help with anxiety. Vanilla is also rich in antioxidants, helps reduce acne and is good for your heart. But wait, did you know that it can aid weight loss too? You may want to read more about the benefits of vanilla.

Our range of eggless vanilla cake should satisfy your vanilla cravings. There are different flavours for you to choose from. Vanilla lovers are likely to love our Simply Vanilla cake; snowy white and pure presentation complete with on top of vanilla bean frosting. The lemon blueberry and strawberry are the favourite flavoured cakes. Our special cake is the earl grey vanilla cake.  For parties, many choose our Vanilla Rainbow Tall Cake which is colourfully sprinkled with chocolate bits on the side.

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